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- Chris Kopf

Quick and Easy Tips to Help You Sell 
Your Crested Butte Home

1) The Complete Guide to SELLING Your Mountain Dream Home

Quick and Easy Tips to Help You Sell Your Crested Butte Home Fast and for Top Dollar! 

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Download Your FREE SELLING Book + Bonuses Now! 

"Chris' SELLING Book is amazing. It is a great help to answer questions, and consider our options. Informative, and easy to read!"

Meet Chris Kopf

Customer service, hard work and attention to detail are the keys to Chris Kopf’s satisfied clients.

Years of experience in the technology industry have led Chris Kopf to believe that providing superior service is the most important element to pleasing clients, and to help them achieve their goals. Chris was a second homeowner in the mountain town of Crested Butte for ten years before moving to Crested Butte full-time. 

Chris has consistently been one of the top agents in Crested Butte. He has also earned numerous awards including Coldwell Banker Top 1% Agent in North America for 10+ years, and #4 Agent in Colorado. Chris Kopf has routinely been among the Top Agents in the Crested Butte market and #1 Agent in Crested Butte.

Chris has also been designated as a Global Luxury Property Specialist by Coldwell Banker which are the top agents serving the luxury homes segment of the market.

Diligence and attention to detail are cornerstones of how Chris serves affluent second homeowner clients with their Crested Butte real estate needs. Chris understands the importance of customer service and works hard to earn and keep his client’s respect and trust.


Chris is a proud husband and father of three daughters. His wife Francene is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but they met in Dallas when they were competing in tri-athalons, and were married in 1991.

Chris has successfully completed both the Texas Water Safari (260 mile canoe race) and the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse (40+ mile ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen that starts at midnight). Chris has learned the value of preparation, endurance and execution in all that he does.

Chris graduated from the Ohio State University with a Marketing degree, and lived in Dallas, Texas for 25 years before moving to Crested Butte full-time.

Chris has had a successful career in sales and sales management in numerous technology companies as well as a business owner in the real estate and advertising industries. Chris has negotiated thousands of complex transactions in his career, and will work hard to exceed your expectations.

Chris Kopf

Call or Text: 970-209-5405

Email: [email protected] 

So How Do You List, Market, and Sell
Your Crested Butte Dream Home?

For the highest possible price, and in the shortest amount of time
- given the current market conditions...?

It seems like a simple task: "Let's go catch a big fish in that river and get a photo..."

Have you ever gone fly fishing? Seems like a very simple task - you look around Crested Butte and there are many rivers, and lots of trout...

How hard can it be to find, hook and land a really big trout in a river? But then you start to realize there might be more logistics, planning and skill than you previously thought… Do you need a fishing license? What fly fishing gear do you need? Where is the best spot? How do you get there? What are the current conditions - water temp, air temp, water flow, is it sunny or overcast, what bugs are hatching...? Should you use a dry fly or nymph rig? How will you present your fly, hook the fish, net the fish and get a great photo of you with the fish?

If you were wondering the answer, yes you do need a fishing license - and the East River, Taylor River and Gunnison Rivers all hold large trout in both public and private waters. A five weight fly rod with 4X tippet and a dry fly with a double dropper rig is generally recommended - but it depends on the time of year, the weather, the time of day, and the bug hatch... so proper planning is necessary, and hiring a fly fishing guide is highly recommended.

Similarly, it seems like a simple task: "Let's find a nice qualified buyer and sell our luxury Crested Butte home quickly..."

Without expert knowledge - you will only be able to get so far. I encourage my clients to look online and do research to see other homes in their neighborhood that have sold. Having an expert local real estate agent will be key in helping you get your luxury home sold stress free - for the highest price, and in the least amount of time.

I help my clients to sell their Crested Butte luxury properties quickly and for top dollar. Key factors to accomplish this task: pricing the home to the current market, making it easy for buyers to step into your shoes, removing certain items from the home, underestimating the condition of the home from the buyer's perspective, being ready to close and move-out quickly...

Customer service, hard work and attention to detail are the keys to Chris Kopf’s satisfied clients. I have been in your shoes... I have bought and sold Crested Butte properties as a Crested Butte second homeowner for 10 years before my wife Francene and I decided to move our family from Texas to CB full time in 2009.

I have represented over 350 satisfied clients with their Crested Butte real estate needs. I leverage my local knowledge, business experience and technology to help my seller clients to list, professionally market and sell their Crested Butte properties so they can move on to the next exciting chapter in their lives.

I have earned numerous awards including #1 Agent in Crested Butte. I have consistently been among the top agents in the Crested Butte market, and among the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker Agents in the world. I have been designated as a Global Luxury Property Specialist by Coldwell Banker – trusted agents serving the luxury segment of the market.

I am a Crested Butte Real Estate Expert - let me help you to sell your home for the highest price and in the shortest amount of time.

What Chris Kopf's Clients say About his Professionalism:

"We recently engaged Chris to sell our Mt. Crested Butte condo. He could not have made the process easier. From pricing, to marketing, to negotiating, to facilitating improvements requested by the buyer, Chris was superb.

Chris' personal and business connections in this community are deep and dependable. He knows & loves the community; he understands the challenges. Living in the valley has been a terrific choice and will continue as long as we're able. Afterwards, we'll call Chris."

  - Robin & John Norton

"Chris is absolutely the most outstanding real estate broker in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. He is extremely thorough and patient--it took us over a year to make a decision on the purchase of our home. Chris demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism--he is prompt, responds to all requests immediately and negotiated all aspects of our contracts with ease. 

Chris is very detail oriented and his service did not end when we signed the closing paperwork. He was in touch throughout the following month to make sure everything was going well and we were happy with the purchase of our home. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone I know looking to sell or purchase a home!"

  - Jenny & Matthew Birnie

We loved working with Chris Kopf. He helped us sell a home in CB South and purchase one in downtown CB.

He did a really nice job of understanding our goals, and then achieving them. He was very easy to work with, responsive, and very professional. He did a really nice job of helping us negotiate throughout the process, using his extensive knowledge of the local market.

   - Ian Billick & Jennie Reithel

"Where do I start - incredibly knowledgeable about the area, great advice on all aspects of our purchase - site as well as contract, super available and responsive, and very patient as we worked on our project on and off for over a year.

Chris helped us buy land that met an evolving and very narrow set of criteria and he nailed it. He is simply superb. I'd want him in my corner whether buying or selling."

   - Kevin & Cynthia O'Brien, Dallas, TX

"Chris fully deserves his reputation as one of the top agents in Crested Butte.

Went above and beyond to help us find, close, and then most importantly, start life as new homeowners in CB.

Top class pro."

   - Peter & Alicen White

"Chris responded quickly and with professionalism to our many questions. Chris is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Mt. Crested Butte. He was always polite and tried hard to meet our needs.

We would highly recommend him to other folks wanting to sell a home."

-Gary & Bettye Keiser

"My wife and I recently purchased a home Chris had listed that came on the market in our area we loved, we then had to list and sell our house quickly.

Chris did an awesome job with both. We highly recommend Chris"

   - Scott and Kristi Hargrove

"Chris responded quickly and with professionalism to our many questions.

Chris is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Mt. Crested Butte. He was always polite and tried hard to meet our needs.

We would highly recommend him to other folks wanting to sell a home."

   -Marj & David O'Reilly

"I have not met a more knowledgeable or harder working real estate agent than Chris Kopf in over 40 years of purchasing primary and second homes.

No one knows the CB market better than Chris, his market research is unmatched, he is incredibly responsive, and he has a huge network of providers for all aspects of purchasing and living in CB. We purchased a second home while living in NC, and our search was so well facilitated, it was like we lived locally.

We would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a home in the Crested Butte area."

  - Jim & Adria Strife

"Chris is the ultimate Real Estate Professional! He knows the Crested Butte market, both from the buyer and seller perspective. He does his homework beforehand and is able to answer questions with confidence. When there is a "glitch" he is prepared with a calm demeanor and potential solutions, giving us, the clients, the confidence to move forward.

Chris was very patient. It is very important that Chris is also a delightful person. It is a pleasure to work with him."

   - Heidi & Jeff Hollings

"What a pleasure it was to work with Chris Kopf. He was always organized and ready to go.

He made us feel like we were his only client and the only real estate deal he was doing -- and I know that he was working on a number of sales at the same time. Whatever we asked him to do got done immediately and accurately.

He is extremely knowledgeable of the Crested Butte market. What a professional and what a gentleman. We now count Chris as a friend!"

  - Clayton & MarnMeet-Kopfie Taylor, Oklahoma City

Chris Kopf

Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties

215 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, CO 81224